June 24, 2022 – Goodnight, Khiva

As the veins of the Silk Route on land dwindled and acquiesced to naval routes, and explorers discovered treasures deemed more valuable than the fiber that changed the world, Khiva continued to treasure silk just as much as gold. Even up until 1924, the silk money of Khiva were hand-woven (and literally laundered when it required cleaning).

As I wistfully think about the ephemerality of places never to be seen, as they are, ever again; I also take joy in the experience of being changed by these places. I suppose it is unfair to ask them to stay the same while I am constantly being transformed?

And maybe this is why I travel, and read, and write… because how can one explore the world to its deepest, if one does not also attempt to explore the terrains of the self and the mind?

Good night, Khiva. Thank you for a thousand and one… lessons.

© 2022 MDR
Khiva, Uzbekistan

2 thoughts on “June 24, 2022 – Goodnight, Khiva”

  1. Those last few lines… you got it in one! Thats why we travel and read and write. Well for me travel and read. I dont write well. Lol. But thats exactly my sentiments as well. This might sound childish as a 40 yo woman but I’m going to transcribe that line to my commonplace book. I just love it! X

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