Stefan Zweig: Genius and Discovery | Triumph and Disaster

“…in history as in human life, regret can never restore a lost moment,
and 1,000 years will not buy back what was lost
in a single hour.”

The day of the Philippine Elections has finally come! And no queue at the polling precinct is too long if you have the right books with you!

Five historical miniatures in each of these lovely books from Pushkin Press by distinguished Austrian writer, Stefan Zweig. There is nonetheless nothing “miniature” about the writing! In fact, they magnify some of history’s crucial moments and characters in such glorious and vibrant ways, you can only wish Zweig wrote more of these!

It was this line that leapt off the pages from the foreword of both books: “…a single Yes, a single No, a Too Soon or a Too Late makes that hour irrevocable for hundreds of generations while deciding the life of a single man or woman, of a nation…”

A single vote.

Dear Philippines, tomorrow we find out how we did.

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