Ali Smith: Artful

“At one level, reflection means we see ourselves.
At another, it’s another word for the thought process.
We can choose to use it to look into the light of our own eyes, or we can be light sensitive, we can allow all things to move over and through us…
Broken things become pattern in reflection.
The way a kaleidoscope works is to allow fragmentary or disconnected things
to become their own harmony.”
Ali Smith, Artful

Grief and loss without the melodrama. Spews musings on art and literature in one breath. Pinches the heart and tickles the punny bone simultaneously.

Simile, though your heart is breaking,” writes Ali Smith.



Artful. Of course.



“Great books are adaptable; they alter with us as we alter in life, they renew themselves as we change and re-read them at different times in our lives. You can’t step into the same story twice — or maybe it’s that stories, books, art can’t step into the same person twice, maybe it’s that they allow for our mutability, regardless of time, that makes them art, because real art… will hold us at all our different ages like it held all the people before us and will hold all the people after us, in an elasticity and with a generosity that allow for all our comings and goings.”

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