Carmen Guerrero Nakpil: Woman Enough

Even though there is so much to resonate with and quote from this despite being written between 1951-1961, I wish to highlight these passages today:

— “Politics is not all crooks and racketeers and ten percenters. It is not the loud, interminable speeches… or the handshaking in the barrios while a photographer snaps his camera or the number of dancing girls given to each delegate to the national convention. That is not politics, but only its aberrations. Among many of us, those practices have come to mean politics. But they are only the abuse of politics.”

— “This is one of the beautiful paradoxes of politics. Politics may make us, but it is for us to shape it.”

— “You should learn to look at elections, not as contests in goodness or popularity between two or more men, but as a national stock-taking, an occasion for citizens to make up their minds which course of national action to choose over another.”

— “You see how important it is for all citizens to be intelligent, well informed and judicious.”

— “The question is not whether some of us do not love our country or some of us do. The question is in what way we love it.”

— “As a parting favor, I would like to ask you all intelligent women not to take my word for this or for anything. Think about the things we have discussed here, and ponder on them yourself. Discuss them with your friends, seek the opinion of others, but make the decision yourself.”

— “In your intelligence, application, your honesty with yourself, and in your wisdom, will lie the future of the Philippines.”

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