Yasmina Reza: Art

October 14, 2021

A book you can read in the span of two cups of coffee, but one that has more insightful layers than some thicker tomes. I soon discovered that the play has been a recipient of theatre’s most prestigious awards! And it is about art, and friendship, and dissimilar aesthetic opinions.

– – –

Three best friends and their opinions about art and of each other are exposed when Serge purchases an art piece for two hundred thousand francs. It is a white canvas with fine diagonal scars.

Marc thinks it’s ridiculous, Serge takes offense, Yvan attempts to pacify both sides, and in return gets accused of being unable to take a stand.

What is hilarious and entertaining is how the reader can resonate with each character in different parts of their argument. 

Is it a real friendship if we keep our thoughts to ourselves to maintain good relations? Should we allow difference of opinion to imperil friendships?

As the scenes play out, we ultimately learn from the dialogue that offense is given and taken not entirely by the contrasting beliefs but mainly through the approach and manner in which they are presented.

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